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February 14, 2018: Space Branding—Key to Enriching Your Brand

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A company brand is a powerful and valuable business component. Organizations like Nike, Pepsi, and Alaska Airlines have spent multiple millions of dollars building and then maintaining brands that resonate with distinct consumers. A strong brand is terrific, but it can only be achieved if products live up to the brand promise. At times, communicating that guarantee to customers requires a big presence within a tangible location. That’s were space branding comes in to play.

There are many definitions of space branding, but we prefer a simple approach. Space branding is the manifestation of an organization’s brand into any physical area using graphics, symbols, designs, colors, and materials fused to create high impact visuals and emotional connections with a target audience.

When done correctly, space branding is a very powerful marketing tool that pays substantial dividends. Some of the products that can be used successfully for space branding are:

  • floor graphics
  • large format images
  • semi-transparent window films
  • custom cut visuals
  • backlit signage

But how do you extend brand into a physical site? With the right marketing partner it doesn’t have to be difficult. But success takes a thoughtful and inclusive approach. No matter the project, consider the following short list of space branding factors. Answering these questions provides a sound start for branding general work environments, building interiors or exteriors, common areas, hallways, lobbies, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, stores, restaurants, hospitals, and tradeshow locations.

Space Branding Factors 

  • How is your brand defined?
  • What brand design or graphic use guidelines are established?
  • Should space branding features reflect the corporation/company or a specific product?
  • When in the space what response or action should the customer/viewer take?
  • What feeling/s should branding elements generate with the target audience?
  • What special materials or designs are required to achieve branding goals?
  • Should the space reflect just a brand impression or promote an interactive experience?

Whether you’re an expert at space branding or just contemplating the concept, we’re ready to assist with ideas and practical applications creatively designed to improve your marketing return on investment.