Digitype Design didn’t start out to be the leading large format imaging company in the Northwest. In 1989 a couple of computers dedicated to desktop publishing in a spare bedroom was company headquarters. But over the next few years, smart acquisitions and a relocation to downtown Portland led to a broadening client base. As the imaging industry progressed, so did Digitype Design.

Advancing into large format imaging seemed a natural direction, and in 1995 Digitype Design expanded again by adding new inkjet technology. Educating clients about the connections between brand and large format imaging increased business. It didn’t hurt that Digitype Design was also adept at linking substrate material options with customer marketing goals, bringing about unparalleled outcomes. Add a serving attitude of walking with clients through projects, and Digitype Design swiftly became a market leader.

Today, Digitype Design continues to be an industry frontrunner with an impressive client group that trusts them to deliver all levels of powerful visual marketing communication products.


Digitype Design Mission Statement

We are a visual marketing communications company passionate about producing large format representations of our clients’ brands. Our clients seek, and we provide them, a professional business relationship based on trust, competitive pricing, attention to detail, and personal service.

We are the best in what we do. Seeing clients be more successful with products we produce provides us a great sense of pride in our workmanship.

We reflect God’s spirit and principles in our behavior with clients, vendors, and those within our sphere of influence. God has entrusted us to be a steward of his business. Consequently, part of the blessings we receive through business activities we use to help those less fortunate.

Owners Dave and Deborah Kaiser live their mission statement and offer you the following promise: “If at any time we don’t live up to our mission statement, we encourage you, as our customer, to let us know when we’ve missed the mark. We will make things right.”