What file size is required to print a large format image?

Main considerations in file size are resolution and viewing distance. Working with a Raster file, it’s key to consider DPI, equating to dots per inch. DPI is the number of color dots that fit within one square inch of a digital print.

The following DPI Viewing Distance Guide provides reference when using a Raster-based print file:

             Viewing Distance                                           Recommended DPI file size

  • Close – 1’ to 5’                                                        200 dpi
  • Close to medium – 4’ to 8’                                   150 dpi
  • Medium to far – 7’ to 15’                                      100 dpi
  • Far – 20’ plus                                                          75 dpi


What color profile should I use to achieve the best results?

sRGB color profile is the industry standard calibrated to all output devices and software. However, when using Adobe, Adobe RGB is an option to gain the widest possible color range. Digitype maintains sRGB until data is output, where it is then converted to CMYK.

Can Digitype print white ink?

Yes, white ink can be printed alone or with CMYK. It’s imperative to create a new top layer named “white” and build a specifically named “Spot1” swatch. The layer should be spot color, not process, and with any CMYK value. Please check that it is an overprint fill or stroke.