Client Rubicon International Added on October 23, 2017 Category Software

For Rubicon International, a leading worldwide educational software firm with renowned standards, marketing is a crucial business requirement. New products can be the lifeblood of sustained business growth for most companies. However, with a software launch just two weeks away and shorted by a supplier on visual marketing elements, where do you turn? That’s the dilemma Rubicon International faced for an important unveiling in Great Britain.

Digitype Design took the challenge and came through with flying colors. By using a London Underground theme, designers created large format display components for space branding Rubicon International Headquarters. Adding a creative and realistic flair, they developed a four-foot backlit replica of the London Underground signage. For a surprise reveal to company employees, Digitype Design installed all visuals the night prior to announcement day in Great Britain.

Combining the creative fabrication and experienced installation capabilities is only a part of what makes Digitype Design stand out from competition.