Client Rainer Arms Added on June 23, 2017 Category Sporting

As a leading internet retailer with an integrated brick-and-mortar locale, this specialty arms outlet is no stranger to marketing. However, when deciding to host an industry tradeshow they called on Digitype Design for their large format presence.

Rainier Arms had branding ideas for their presence but they weren’t sure how to achieve a dynamic result for attendees. Digitype Design assembled their team and, with onsite client consultation, they measured and photographed spaces. Using large format products was the answer, but branding a convention hall requires a cohesive approach.

The bright floor graphic applications combined with stand-up and hanging banners showcasing the Rainer Arms color palate hit the target. The Digitype Design team flawless product blend vividly revealed the Rainer Arms brand and show sponsorship to participants.

Years of client consultation experience, combined with a serving attitude while producing superior results, is what Digitype Design is known for.